Salmon Colored Throw Blanket


Salmon Colored Throw Blanket

Salmon Colored Throw Blanket – Adding a sewing machine to the mix makes for an endless variety of options. Babies love the softness of fleece and parents love the simplicity of cleaning. There are so many fun colors and patterns and textures available. This guide provides some ideas which will get you on your way to making fleece blankets for everybody on your list.

Fleece is excellent to work with specially since the cut edges are clean and don’t require hemming. To make the blanket, select a minimum of two colors or patterns of fleece that look nice together. Often I will get three pieces — two which I will use for the main body of the quilt and a third that I use as an accent.

The size of the blanket is dependent upon which it’ll be utilized for. Make it a meter or so square if you would like to wear the ground for a baby to play on. There’s no ‘correct’ size for a blanket, it all is dependent upon how you would like it to be utilized.

As soon as you’ve got the bits that you are likely to use for the main body of the blanket you are prepared to cut. Cut the pieces into panels. Here is where your creativity comes in. If you want two panels an idea is to cut one broader than the other. Another option is to use three panels , two of one pattern and a few of the other. Sew the pieces together with a straight stitch. Following the straight stitch you will go back over the seam again but now together with the seam opened so that it stays flat. I use a scallop stitch for this.

Once you’ve got all of the pieces stitched together and have flattened the seams together with the scallop stitch you are ready to give the blanket a nice edge. If you are going to earn a good deal of blankets, then there are rulers you can purchase in the cloth notions area that guide you in cutting scalloped or bead borders. If you don’t have a rolling cutter you are really missing something. You will also require a cutting mat to use this. For one or two blankets are good, but if you think you’ll be earning more, I highly suggest the small investment.

In case you’ve got a ruler using the different borders, select the edge you would like to use and indicate the cloth and cut it with scissors or use the roller cutter and ruler together. You can also produce a nice advantage using a normal ruler. Draw a straight line along the whole edge of the quilt.

Now you are ready to add some accents. There are many ideas for this and I invite you to research whatever sounds fun. It’s possible to cut out parts of the pattern of a single cloth and scatter and sew them on the additional panels. It’s possible to cut strips of the accent pattern and sew them on in a diagonal. It is possible to make it simple and not include any accents. It’s possible to cut out butterflies, hearts, flowers, etc. and sew them onto a panel. Use your imagination.

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